TorcSill manufactures a full range of steel foundation products at it’s state-of-the-art facility in Pasadena, Texas, near Houston. Our facility produces our standard line of TorcSills and is also fully equipped to produce a variety of custom products for specialized projects. ASTM certified welders use the latest in fabrication technology to make TorcSills, including robotic machines.

All piles are created exclusively from new steel stock. No reclaimed metals are used at any point in the manufacturing process.

We are capable of providing the following manufacturing services:

  • Fabrication of custom components to tie-in with specified skids, equipment, machinery and fittings
  • Production of TorcSill square piles, which can be installed to high torque ratings in demanding soils
  • Production of TorcSill round piles, including 24 inch and larger

All raw materials are sourced in collaboration with our engineering team to ensure that every pile performs as specified. Quality control is performed by a dedicated in-house team.

The manufacturing TEAM prepares another truckload of TorcSills for shipment to a customer in the Bakken oilfields.

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