TorcSill’s goal for all projects is to provide a suite of services that completely fulfills the customer’s foundation needs. The engineering services that we provide are focused on the goal of meeting the project’s objectives while providing support for any internal design resources provided by the client.

During the design phase, TorcSill’s dedicated structural and civil engineering team work with the client to examine soil conditions, equipment loading and environmental factors related to foundation installations. The results of the investigations are included in detailed reports provided to the client and other members of the design and construction team.

TorcSill provides the following focused engineering services:

  • Torque profile testing to determine soil bearing capacity at project site
  • Examination and interpretation of boring logs to predict soil conditions
  • Foundation design based on load specifications and soil conditions
  • Finite element analysis to determine pile lateral capacities in specific soils
  • Design of custom piles and pile assemblies
  • Design of specialized structural components to allow interconnection between foundation and installed equipment


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