TorcSill is a vertically integrated specialty contractor. We provide clients with three interdependent and complementary service lines: engineering and design, manufacturing, and installation.

Engineering and Design

TorcSill provides specialized engineering services for foundation project design. Our suite of services fulfills all our clients’ foundation needs, and our engineering services meet project objectives while providing support for clients’ internal design resources.

During the design phase, TorcSill’s dedicated structural and civil engineering TEAM works with the client to examine soil conditions, equipment loading, and environmental factors related to foundation installations. The results of the investigations are provided via detailed reports to clients and other project personnel.

TorcSill provides the following focused engineering services:

  • Torque profile testing to determine soil bearing capacity at project site
  • Examination and interpretation of boring logs to predict soil conditions
  • Foundation design based on load specifications and soil conditions
  • Finite element analysis to determine pile lateral capacities in specific soils
  • Design of custom piles and pile assemblies
  • Design of specialized structural components to allow interconnection between foundation and installed equipment


TorcSill provides the following manufacturing services:

  • Fabrication of custom components to tie in with specified skids, equipment, machinery, and fittings
  • Production of TorcSill square piles, which can be installed to high torque ratings in demanding soils
  • Production of TorcSill round piles, including 24-inch and larger

TorcSill’s fabrication facility in Pasadena, Texas, near Houston, produces our standard line of TorcSills and can turn out custom work to meet any client need. Certified welders use the latest in fabrication technology to make TorcSills, including robotic machines.

All raw materials are sourced in collaboration with our engineering TEAM to ensure that every pile performs as specified. Quality control is performed by dedicated in-house personnel.


TorcSill is the leading industrial helical pile installer and has a large equipment inventory to handle various site conditions and installation requirements. Our crews are some of the most experienced and highly trained in the world, and we have technical support staff standing by to meet challenges in real time.

Our flexible equipment load out allows us to work under virtually all weather conditions. Schedule-sensitive projects will not be delayed by wet soils, freezing conditions, or high winds.

TorcSill’s install TEAMS are small and flexible. This, along with the speed and safety of TorcSills, allows for foundation installation in congested areas without the danger and expense of major excavations and concrete pumping. This helps reduce costly downtime and bring critical production equipment back online more quickly.


TorcSill offers a complete suite of land surveying services providing surveying and field data acquisition, using a highly trained team. These services are available in all of our operating areas.

Surveying and related services are bolstered by use of innovative technologies such as digital GIS, drone mapping, and ground-penetrating radar equipment. Cutting-edge laser scanning technology provides detailed as-builts of foundations and mounted equipment.

TorcSill’s survey capabilities provide the perfect complement to its top-tier engineered helical pile foundations.