TorcSill has built some of the most challenging foundation projects in the U.S. energy market.

UCSD Seismic Test

TorcSill was chosen as the exclusive onsite contractor for a seismic test of helical piles on the largest outdoor shake table in the world, located at the University of California, San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. Onsite duties included pile installation, instrumentation, and placement of weights and load skids. The shake table, which has a 13-million-pound capacity, was fitted with a soil box to contain helical pile structural components and weights to simulate building loads on the components. As a sponsor, TorcSill also provided material for testing.

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Project Type: Seismic Test
  • Number of Piles: 10
Large excavator driving a 24 in diameter helical pier into the ground at an industrial facility by using a special rotating attachment and massive downward force

Texas City Refinery

TorcSill provided large, round helical piles to provide support for pipe racks. Project challenges included poor
soils, high overturning moments, and underground obstructions.

  • Location: Texas City, Texas
  • Project Type: Refinery
  • Number of Piles: 19 (16-inch and 24-inch round piles)

Helical pile installation jobsite

Natural Gas Processing Plant

A client sought to add critical capacity to a robust natural gas processing plant, a 70-million-cubic-feet-per-day facility serving the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

A demanding project schedule made concrete foundations an unworkable option, so TorcSill created a solution with less timeline impact. Our steel solution eliminated a large percentage of concrete from the foundation designs. Throughout the foundation phase, TorcSill crews continuously stayed ahead of schedule, met all milestones, and maintained a perfect safety record.

  • Location: Powder River Basin, Wyoming
  • Project Type: Midstream Natural Gas Processing Plant
  • Number of Piles: 350+

CAD drawing of industrial facility

West Texas Gas Plant

As a part of their Permian basin gathering expansion, TorcSill’s client constructed a major gas processing plant in west Texas, south of Midland. Facility capabilities include a capacity of 70+ MMcf/d and an NGL output of more than 11,000 barrels. TorcSill designed and constructed foundations to support major equipment onsite, including process towers, compressor canopy, vessels, pumps, and other skidded equipment. TorcSill achieved a schedule savings of three months over concrete foundations and completed the work with a perfect safety record.

  • Location: West Texas
  • Number of Piles: 789
  • Project Type: Midstream Gas Processing Plant