Helical Piles

Helical piles, also known as helical piers and screw piles, are a proven foundation solution ideal for energy, industrial, and commercial applications. Our helical piles are rigorously tested and customizable to meet specific project needs. All piles are created exclusively from new steel stock, and all raw materials are sourced in collaboration with our engineering TEAM to ensure that every pile performs as specified.

Onshore Platform™

The Onshore Platform™ consists of heavy-duty rig mats supported by helical piles. The platform is reusable, with no aggregate cover and minimal site leveling required in most scenarios. It can remain onsite throughout the entire drilling and completions process. Key advantages are: clean, safe working surface free of mud and debris; significant reduction in soil disturbance and environmental impact; and complete site protection, which allows vehicles to move freely in all weather.

Command Line™

TorcSill’s Command Line™ is the safe operations solution for high-pressure completions. Helical piles and specialized connectors secure high-pressure flow lines during pumping and flowback, which helps prevent hazardous pressure releases from injuring personnel and damaging equipment. The connectors can be positioned at different elevations depending on operational needs.