TorcSill was chosen as the exclusive on-site contractor for a seismic test of helical piles on the largest outdoor shake table in the world, located at the University of California, San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering. On-site duties included pile installation, instrumentation and placement of weights and load skids. The shake table, which has a 13,000,000 pound capacity, was fitted with a soil box to contain helical pile structural components and weights to simulate building loads on the components. As a sponsor of the test, TorcSill also provided material for testing.

The testing took place throughout the month of February and results from the seismic tests are forthcoming.


The Large High-Performance Outdoor Shake Table is supported in part by the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Engineering Simulation (NEES) program of the National Science Foundation under Award Number CMMI-0927178.
  • Location: UCSD Englekirk Structural Engineering Research Center
  • Number of Piles: 10
  • Project Duration: 3 weeks