Seawalls, Bulkheads & Pipelines

TorcSill acquired AnchorPipe International in 2016, bolstering its Marine segment and adding offshore pipeline and structure stabilization to its suite of services. In 2020, TorcSill partnered with Arqa Marine Solutions to expand our footprint into commercial and residential seawall and bulkhead stabilization.  For more than 40 years, AnchorPipe has provided specialty helical piling and anchoring applications in the most challenging subsea conditions for its upstream and midstream customers around the world.

Whether you are a homeowner protecting 40 feet of residential shoreline, a commercial operator with a thousand feet of golf course bulkhead, or a contractor that services marine foundations, our novel solutions to your seawall problems will save you time and money.

  • The industry’s most efficient seawall installation, maintenance, and repair processes, saving you time and money.
  • Sea-side implementation, leaving your land-side property un-disturbed.
  • Innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, use the highest quality materials, and allow for adjustment over time to protect your investments and ensure your peace of mind.
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Torcsill engineering and design team working on helical piles

Deploying a TEAM of highly trained professionals and specialty installation equipment, AnchorPipe works closely with operators and world class EPC customers and dive teams to deliver engineered buoyancy control and stabilization and mooring solutions for nearshore and deep-water applications. Evaluating soils data, buoyancy, current, wave and other hydrodynamic forces, TorcSill Engineering designs helical anchoring solutions for projects involving:

  • Floating Docks
  • Offshore Tie-Ins
  • Onshore Approaches
  • Outlet/Intake Piping
  • Pipeline Crossings
  • Pipeline Span Remediation
  • Solar Arrays
  • Subsea Structures
  • Subsea Work Habitats
  • Transmission Pipelines

Relying on decades of experience, the Anchorpipe Project Execution TEAM safely and efficiently installs the specified anchor foundations from barges using a vessel-mounted crane rigged to its unique twin-drive installation system.  The twin-drive system consists of two torque motors mounted in a steel frame that counterbalance the torque applied to both anchors, allowing for a complete anchor set (two anchors and the specified termination attachment) to be installed in a single approach.

Also ideal for remediation projects where scour and underwater currents have left pipelines exposed and unsupported, this type of construction operation greatly reduces safety risk, schedule and mobilization costs.  Additionally, the no-vibration and low noise installation creates little to no impact to the marine life environment when compared to less reliable methods such as concrete set-on weights, concrete-coated pipe and sandbags.

Torcsill engineering and design team working on helical piles