Helical Pile Foundations

From concept to as-built, TorcSill’s turnkey engineering, fabrication and construction approach is ideally suited for the challenges associated with the downstream refining and petrochemical industries, including new expansions and operating unit additions and remediation construction.

Partnering with the world’s most active operators and EPC contractors, TorcSill’s experience in design and construction inside the fence has proven invaluable over thousands of helical foundation solutions for countless applications, consistently delivering schedule and costs savings.  In-house specialty engineering, custom manufacturing in its ISO 9001:2015 accredited facility and the industry’s most experienced helical piling construction crews allow for flexibility and quick turnaround in the inevitable face of change.

The real-time communication connection between its design and operations departments also allows for TorcSill to engineer and manufacture the most efficient pile solution to meet virtually any challenge.

In addition to the value added through its one-of-a-kind vertical integration, TorcSill’s utilization of custom helical piling foundations offers its customers countless other advantages throughout the project development and execution processes, including:

  • No spoils – Significant savings are routinely realized by eliminating the need for excavation and contaminated soils disposal, especially where legacy concrete foundations have failed
  • No vibrations – Use of rotated piles over percussion installation guards against impact to adjacent foundations, especially in brownfield additions and remediation construction
  • Sustainable footprint – With only several construction technicians and often a single piece of installation equipment, TorcSill’s reduced construction footprint is ideal for congested work sites
  • Modular Foundations – Design and manufacturing flexibility provides considerable value-engineering opportunities related to overhead and lateral accessibility and high foundation loading requirements

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Torcsill engineering and design team working on helical piles