TorcSill has installed helical pile foundations to meet a wide variety of needs in the upstream oil and gas market. The company is experienced in installing foundations to support production equipment such as: pumping units, Rotaflex®* units, separators, dehydrators, compressors, generators, heater treaters, pumps and LACT Units.

Helical piles can even be used to support major production equipment, such as drilling rigs and large cranes. In one especially impressive example, 45 helical piles were successfully used to support a drilling rig on the gulf coast. Estimated ultimate yield capacity of this assembly was established at some 4.5 million pounds.

In addition, helical piles are excellent for use during completions operations, especially as tie-downs for the control of frac lines.

* “Rotaflex” is a registered trademark of Weatherford International Ltd.





Helical piles are ideal for the support of midstream infrastructure, from above-ground pipe runs, pig launchers and receivers and valve settings, to major facility components, such as compressors, tanks and pressure vessels. In addition, the low environmental impact granted by the removable nature of helical piles makes them ideal as foundations for temporary and semi-permanent structures and equipment.





TorcSill has proven experience in foundation construction for refineries and other major downstream facilities. Since they do not require the major excavations needed for traditional concrete supports, helical pile foundations are well suited to applications in areas congested by fixed infrastructure, like those found on refinery and cracker plant sites. TorcSills are a no-spoils technology which makes them ideal for use on brownfield sites. Also, the installation process does not involve high energy impacts and vibration, as are involved in the driving of traditional piles, which can damage valuable equipment nearby.

Of course, helical piles are also suited to many applications routinely required by utility companies, including foundations for pipelines, related gas distribution systems, and protective structures.

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