TorcSill’s markets include a broad range of energy and industrial solutions. TorcSill helical piles support some of the most demanding projects, and our expertise in steel foundations makes us the first choice as a vertically integrated provider of cutting-edge solutions.

Oil and Gas

TorcSill’s energy TEAM is dedicated to providing foundation solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream energy projects.



TorcSill has installed helical pile foundations to meet a vast array of needs in the upstream oil and gas market. We’re experienced in installing foundations to support production equipment such as: pumping units, Rotaflex®* units, separators, dehydrators, compressors, generators, heater treaters, pumps, and LACT Units.

Helical piles can even be used to support major production equipment, such as drilling rigs and large cranes. In one impressive example, 45 helical piles were successfully used to support a drilling rig on the Gulf Coast. Estimated ultimate yield capacity of this assembly was established at approximately 4.5 million pounds.

In addition, helical piles are excellent for use during completions operations, especially as tie-downs for the control of frac lines.

* “Rotaflex” is a registered trademark of Weatherford International Ltd.



Helical piles are ideal for the support of midstream infrastructure for above-ground pipe runs, pig launchers and receivers, and valve settings, as well as major facility components like compressors, tanks, and pressure vessels. In addition, the low environmental impact granted by the removable nature of helical piles makes them ideal as foundations for temporary and semi-permanent structures and equipment.



TorcSill has proven experience in foundation construction for refineries and other major downstream facilities. Since they do not require the major excavations needed for traditional concrete supports, helical pile foundations are well-suited to applications in areas congested by fixed infrastructure, like those found on refinery and cracker plant sites.

TorcSills are a no-spoils technology, which makes them ideal for use on brownfield sites. Also, the installation process does not involve high-energy impacts and vibration, as in the driving of traditional piles, which can damage valuable equipment nearby.

Helical piles are suited to many applications routinely required by utility companies, including foundations for pipelines, related gas distribution systems, and protective structures.


TorcSills can support power generation, transmission, and distribution projects under unforgiving conditions, with a small installation footprint and minor environmental impact.



TorcSill has a proven track record in foundation construction in major plant facilities. TorcSill helical pile technology is a no-spoils and often a no-excavation solution well-suited to applications in congested and limited-access areas. The piles are rotated into the earth, saving nearby foundations from potential damage resulting from traditional impact installation methods.

For existing facilities and greenfield applications, we provide unparalleled schedule improvements
through TorcSill technology, which can reduce or eliminate concrete in most foundation applications.


Transmission and Distribution

Electrical transmission structures are frequently installed over some of the most forbidding terrain on Earth, must remain stable and reliable for years, and must be able to support ever-increasing loads imposed by capacity upgrades.

TorcSills offer increased safety, reduced schedule risk, and mitigation of logistical problems faced when deploying concrete to remote or inaccessible locations.

TorcSills are ideal for transformer foundations. The high-bearing capacity of TorcSills can allow a small number of high-strength components to replace the monolithic concrete foundations typically used for transformer support.

Using TorcSills as a foundation for replacement transmission structures eliminates the hazard of placing rebar cages for poured concrete caissons. Since TorcSills can be manufactured in safe lengths, under many circumstances lines can remain energized* while installation takes, place maintaining the minimum approach distance.

*Please note that the line pictured was de-energized during installation.

Industrial Remediation

When trouble strikes, TorcSills can help save equipment threatened by collapsing foundations.
TorcSills are ideally suited to industrial remediation projects. The speed of install, instant loading capacity, and all-weather installation capabilities make TorcSills the obvious choice for timely repairs to vital equipment. Remediation services are required in every industry, wherever legacy foundations have failed, putting people and infrastructure at risk.

TorcSill’s crews are experienced in repairing foundations for a variety of equipment. No-spoils TorcSill technology allows safe and efficient repairs on brownfield sites. From sagging pipe runs at stream crossings, to millions of pounds of plant infrastructure, TorcSill’s specialized tools and solutions can save time and money when it truly counts.

Who We Work For

Our customers fall into five primary categories:
  • Electrical Transmission and Utility Companies
  • EPC Firms
  • Oil and Gas Midstream
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Refineries, Plants and Power Generation
A partial list of TorcSill clients includes:
ADA Station Communications
Air Products and Chemicals
AKA Energy Group
American Eagle Energy
Anadarko Petroleum
B&G Oilfield Services
Badger Daylighting
Barclay Construction
Bar S
Barnett Gathering
BCCK Engineering
BHP Billiton
Bi-Con Engineering
Big Chief Plant Services
Blueknight Energy Partners
Burns & McDonnell
Campos EPC
Centerpoint Energy Field Services
Cimarex Energy
Consol Energy
Continental Resources
CVR Refining
Dayton Lease & Pipeline Services
DCP Midstream
Denbury Resources
EagleClaw Midstream
Echo Maintenance
Elkhorn Construction
Enable Midstream
Energy Maintenance Services
Enterprise Products Partners
EOG Resources
Eureka Hunter Pipeline
EXCO Resources
Extraction Oil and Gas
F & M Construction
Flint Hill Resources
Freese and Nichols
Frontier Services
Halcón Resources
JD King Corporation
Jomax Construction
Kinder Morgan
Liberty Resources
Linde Process Plants
LINN Energy
LW Survey
Magellan Midstream Partners
M3 Midstream
Martin Midstream Partners
MEC Construction
Michels Pipeline Construction
Midstates Petroleum Company
Mountainview Energy
National Fuel Gas Supply
NextEra Energy Resources
Oasis Petroleum
Occidental Petroleum
Optimized Process Designs
Performance Contractors
Piping Technology
Plains All American Pipeline
Pond and Co.
Primoris Services
Pro Pipe
QEP Resources
Red Cedar Gathering
Regency Energy Partners
Rice Energy
Rose Rock Midstream
Rosetta Resources
Ross Group
Saddle Butte Pipeline
Samson Resources
Sandridge Energy
Saulsbury Industries
Slawson Companies
SM Energy
Strike Construction
Sunland Construction
Sunoco Logistics Partners
Superior Pipeline Services
Tabula Rasa Energy
Tall Oak Midstream
Targa Resources
Tesla Enterprises
Triangle Petroleum
Trinity River Authority
Troy Construction
True Oil
Turner Industries
Velocity Midstream
Vodik Labs
Wanzek Construction
Washington County Constructors
Western Refining
Willbros Engineers
Whiting Petroleum
Wilson Group
Wood Group

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