With 37 years of experience, AnchorPipe is a leader in pipeline foundations and anchoring, including operations in extreme marine and onshore environments.

The helical anchors used in this technology eliminate the costs and hazards of weights traditionally used for marine buoyancy control and eliminate the use of concrete in onshore stream crossings, many of which are located in remote locations.

Washouts and Onshore Buoyancy Control

AnchorPipe technologies secure at-risk pipes and can be installed with minimal equipment and site impact. As a removable, no-vibration, no-spoils foundation system, AnchorPipe is a low environmental impact option.

99.6 % More Efficient than Weights

One hundred truckloads of concrete weights provide buoyancy controls for only 4,000 feet of 42-inch pipeline. The same line would require only one truckload of helical anchors to provide protection over 10,000 feet.

A Flexible Product at All Pipeline Depths

AnchorPipe helical anchor technology is ideal for buoyancy control in marine pipelines and has been applied in all marine environments, from deep water, through the surf zone, to onshore coastal.