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TorcSill installs the patented HELI-PILE® (www.helipile.com)   while the helical pier has been used in the construction industry for years; the HELI-PILE® was introduced to the oil and gas industry in 2010 in the Bakken Play of North Dakota with great success.  The HELI-PILE® is manufactured using high strength steel and is galvanized.  The unique design allows you to set equipment in compression or tension (*please click on the link above*).    These deep foundation systems have been used to support/tie down various types production facility equipment; including, pumping units, rotoflex units, separators, dehydrators, compressors, generators, heater treaters, LACT Units, midstream facilities, pipelines, to tether down frac lines while pumping, used as dead- man anchors, vent stack stabilization, as bollards, in gas/oil processing plants under various facilities, as shoring anchors for location  embankment  stabilization, and have even been utilized under drilling rigs and cranes. (Please see pictures attached).  Recently, an operator in Mississippi installed a 45 HELI-PILE® system under a drilling rig, with an ultimate yield capacity in excess of 4.5 MILLION pounds.  Several other operators are currently enjoying a significant cost savings and have improved their safety performance/standards from the use of this product.  The HELI-PILE® is environmentally friendly, as it may be removed and re used. No longer will you have to wait for cement to cure or remediate when finished.

Please pay close attention to the application section, and the technical section in the HELI-PILE® link above.  In the technical section, you will find a PDF file under the” TUBULAR HELICAL PILE”.  These (3” X 3”) piles would be ideal for implementation in several phases of the E & P business.  Please recall that a 3 inch HPFT3 pile set at 11K ft. lbs., will yield an 110,000 pounds compression load or a 62,000 pounds tensional force load.  These piles have been tested thousands of times with ZERO failures.  In fact they have been adopted and approved by the International Building Code.   There are several attaching mechanisms which are manufactured at the same site in Golden, CO, and are stronger than the piles themselves.   And the best part, we can remove (un-screw) them when you are rigged down and reused at another location.  Once the operator owns them, they only have to pay for installation.


John Deere Skid Steer powering an IMR drives head to torque the HELI-PILE® into the ground.  All equipment packages are complete with all tools necessary to provide a professional installation.

Our Team

  • Lyle G. Love

    Lyle G. Love

    Lyle G Love is the President / CEO of TorcSill Foundations, Inc. 

  • Cathy Adair

    Cathy Adair

    Cathy Adair is the Executive Vice President/ Secretary/ Treasurer of TorcSill Foundations, Inc. 

  • Ron Haasl

    Ron Haasl

    Ron Haasl is the General Manager of TorcSill Foundations, Inc.